Default Login for Netgear Router IP Address & Password – How to

Router is used to connect your device to the internet connection. It transmits data packets to the network to their destination address. There are two types of the Router- wireless router and LAN router. Now you can connect your computer systems by both Wi-Fi and LAN from a single router.

There are many hackers always remain in a scope to snoop your network and can steal valuable information. So, to block unauthorized person to get access to the router control panel you have to lock your network by a password. Every router has some default username and password. It is recommended to change the default password of the router. It increases your network security to a certain level. This article is to give you all information regarding default login for Netgear router.

Default Login for Netgear Router IP Address:


To logged into your router control panel you first need to connect your Netgear Router to your system. To connect your router there are some basic steps which you need to follow:

  1. Connect your router to your computer using LAN cable. You can connect it also by Wi-Fi. But it always good to use LAN cable to connect your router to computer for the first time.
  2. Then open any browser and put this You will redirect to the Netgear Login page.
  3. You need to have default username and password. Every router has different login credentials. The username of Netgear router is “admin,” and its password is “password.” The password may vary from router to router. If you don’t have those default login credentials, then  go to the official page of Netgear router. You can get all default username and password of any model of Netgear router.
  4. After successful login, you will redirect to the management console of Netgear router.

All above are the basic steps to connect your router to the computer. Now I am going to give an overview idea about Netgear Router control panel.

Netgear Router control panel:


Every router has different configuration module. You can change or set router settings as per your requirements in the control panel. Netgear router comes with a simple control panel which you can understand very easily. Apart from its control panel Netgear router has a great outlook and design. It has a LED screen that displays all basic information of your connectivity. After Login you can change your default username and the password, and also you can give password to your wireless network and much more.

This screenshot is the main page of your Netgear Control panel. Here present all the tabs to configure your own router settings.

In the advanced settings, you can change all major default configuration of the router. Here in the advanced tab, you will get full information regarding router, Internet port, Wireless settings.

Now if you want to change the default password of Netgear Router then click on the Administration Tab. In the administration tab, you will get the option to set a password, Backup settings, Information about attached or connected devices, Status of the router and also you can update your router.

Change Default Password:

To change your default password click to Administration tab and then click on Set Password tab. Now you can change your password by giving all information on your old login details. After successfully password has been changed it is recommended to restart your router.

Set Wireless password:


To give a password to your wireless network click to Advanced option and then to Wireless Option tab. Then give the password to the wireless network in Name SSID field and also in Password(Network Key). Then click Apply button to save all your changes.

Reset your Router: Forget your admin password?

In case you lost your admin password then you have to reset your router to its factory settings. Every router has a reset button. Push that button for few seconds to reset it. After it gets reset, then follow all the basic steps of login and to give a new password.

I think in this article you have to get all information regarding Netgear control panel and also all steps to change Default Login of Netgear router. If this article seems helpful and useful, then please share this article on the social network.If you have any query, then please drop your valuable feedback in the below comment box.

Change 192 168 o 1 Wi-Fi Router Password – Forgot & Recover!

192.168 o 1 Change Router Password: Router is a connecting device that transmits data packets to the network. Router works as a connecting device where more than two networks connect. This article is to give full information regarding router security level and also the procedure to change  router password.

Hackers always remain in a scope to hack your router password to gets into the router control panel. If he get access to the admin control panel, then he will gain all authorization to modify your router settings. To increase your network security level, it is always recommended to change default username and password because hackers can easily find out the default username and password of the router.

192.168 o 1 Change Router Password

192.168 o 1

192.168 o 1

192.168 o 1 IP Address

This is the default IP address of many routers used by the small to large organization to get connect to the internet. All your system can connect internally using this IP Address. The range of this default IP address ranges from to, but in default many routers uses IP address as their default Internet protocol address. It is better to change the default   IP address within this range. To do any modification in your router settings you have first to log in as an admin. The administrator will get full authority to change the configuration of your router as per your requirements.

Now it’s time to give you full information about Login Procedure to change default settings of your router.

Login to 192.168 o 1

This article is to give you full information to change default username and password of the router. But before you dive to change the default username and password you have to know the login steps to get connect to the router control panel.

Steps to connect to the control panel or management console of the router.


First, disconnect your system or computer to the internet connection.


Connect your router with a LAN cable to your system. You can connect it using Wi-Fi too. But I am recommending you all to use LAN cable first to connect it.

Note: If you use LAN cable to connect your router then you need LAN driver installed in the system, and for Wi-Fi, you need a wireless driver.

Step 3:

Then enter the default IP address of the router in the address bar of any browser. You can find the default IP address in the body of the router.


Step 4:

If the router gets connected successfully with your system, then you will redirect to its control panel login page.

Step 5:

In Login page you have to submit all Login credentials. Means you have to insert your default username and password of the router. The default username and password remain same for the maximum router, but for some router, it may differ. The default username of the router is “admin,” and password is also “admin.” After you have successfully logged in with this password, then you will redirect to configuration console of the router.

Here you have to enter default username and password. Now I am sharing you the information to change the default username and password.router

Every router has a different control panel. So steps may vary from router to router. Here  I am sharing the basic steps and procedure to change your login password. There are two ways to change your password. One is to change your password with the help of old password, and other is in case you forgot your main login password. Change your password and give a  New Password: After successful login, you will be redirected to a home page of router control panel. Then you have to go to Password option to give a new login username and password.

How to 192.168 o 1 Change your Router Password


Now If you want to give a password to your wireless internet connection, then you have to go to Wireless settings and then to Wireless security. In this option, you will find a wireless password textbox. Enter your desired password to make the connection more secure.

Forget Admin password- How to change it?

If you have lost your admin login password, then there is no option to get it back. You have to reset the settings of the router. Means you have to move the router configuration back to its factory settings.

Every router has a reset button. You have to push that reset button to reset the router. Take a needle or a spike thing and press the reset button. You have to press it for 20 seconds. After that, your router will successfully move to its factory settings. Then same as above steps of login by using the default username and password you can give your new admin login password.

So, this is the basic steps to change your Router Password. If this article seems good and helpful, then please comment in the below comment box. Thanks.

How to Find out Router’s Default IP Address and Admin Password?

IP address is a type of address that directly linked with your Internet connection. Initially, every device has its default IP address. It is a numerical digit address for every device that connected to the internet. From the beginning when the internet was invented, IP address also invented.

In many cases, IP address is very important such to find a device or to track. If you have a router in your home or in office and you are struggling to find your router’s default password, I will help you to do it.

Find out Router’s Default IP Password?


What is Default IP of a router?

In generally, IP stands for Internet Protocol address. For every internet connected devices, its IP will be different. For an internet connection, if your device is not a valid IP address then you can’t connect with the internet. Infect, if you are using Wi-Fi router and you are connected with that router then you can find its default IP easy. Nowadays, on the internet, there are two different IP address available named as IP6 and IP4. IP6 is a recently used address on Internet. The main reason for that address is that compared to the IP4, IP6 has a vast range of accessing many devices on the internet.

How to find out Router’s Default IP password?


There are many ways available to find out your router password. But I will show you the shortest way. So, at first, you need to connect with that router. After that follow my below step.

  1. Open your router control panel with Username and password (opening address will be different for every different device).
  2. One more thing is that in maximum time the username and password are “admin” and “admin”.
  3. Then go to “Network Setting”. On that setting, you will find an option named as “WAN”.
  4. ON that WAN option you will see WAN connection type which is selected as “Static IP”.
  5. On that “Static IP” you will see the “IP address”, “Subnet Mask”, “Subnet Gateway” and with that, you will find two types DNS address.
  6. ON that option “IP Address” will be your finding result which is filled with a different numerical digit.

Always remember that IP address will be different for every different person. So, here are the steps for every router that you need to follow to find out your router default IP address.

Apart from these, another way is available to know about your default router password. You can do this by using your computer command secretion. If you know the exact coding then it will be easier to find compare to the previous process.

Here is all about the fulfill process to find out your router’s default password. In that article, I mention all the processes to find out the default password for a router step-by-step with open to close step. I think for an unknown person this article will be very helpful. If you have any problem to understand these steps for you, then please share your query by commenting on the below comment box.

Change Default DNS Addresses or Settings on Windows PC

Change Default DNS Addresses: DNS server is a system where every Computer registers for the purpose of joining the Domain Name System. This system is a benchmark technology working on administration of Public names including others Internet domains. This server name after DNS handles the networking software in a special manner, Features a public IP address recording the names of Network and addresses for different Internet hosts. DNS is actually a phone book of Internet, which maintain a scattered database regarding Addresses and Network names.

The Internet uses DNS for the worldwide names resolution service for the websites of public. When people go for typing the name of the sites by their browsers, DNS go through the IP addresses and database of the particular site for the connection of Web browsers and the web server. So are you among the person who wanted to change the Default DNS Addresses, if you are then you are in the right place, as throughout this article I will let you know how to change default DNS Addresses.

Change Default DNS Addresses on your Windows PC?


Well, are you looking to change your Default DNS Addresses by setting on your Windows PC? For this, you can specify which DNS servers has been used or which particular IP addresses can be used for a domain.

There are two methods to do this

  1. Specify the DNS
  2. Specify the Map IP Addresses

Specify the DNS

This system no.1 will let you know which particular DNS you should go for browsing all your internet connection. Maximum of the home users has set it for ‘’automatic’’ where the user’s ISP is providing the DNS, however, you can use any of the DNS as your desire if you like too you can even go for making your own DNS.


Before going with this system it is much required for you to know the IP addresses of Which DNS to use, if you are unknown to it, do ask to the system administrator or else ISP.

Here are the steps for it for Dial-up connection

  • First of all for setting your DNS to find the internet protocol window, as it is require
  • Now go to My Computer>Dialup Networking.
  • From there Right-Click your internet connection and go for selecting the properties.
  • At this point of time, a window will be open where you will need to click on the server types tab.
  • Click TCP/Setting
  • Now you will observe an internet protocol window, where you can select for using the DNS addresses, so just enter your appealing DNS server (S) in the space provided within it.

Here are the steps for all the different users

  • Firstly go the Control panel>Network connection and just select the local connection of yours.
  • Now just click on the properties and do select the internet protocol(TCP/IP)
  • Now just click on the properties.
  • At this point you will see an internet protocol window, from where you can go for selecting for using DNS addresses, So enter your desired DNS server (s) in the space provide for it.

Specify Map IP Addresses


This particular system will help you to create a setting for individual domains without requiring of altering the main DNS preferences of yours.

Here are its steps

  • Firstly you would need to open the file in Notepad or on any other plain text editor of your PC.
  • Now enter the IP where you can specify according to your wills.
  • When your browsers attempt to access a domain, it refers to this particular file first.
  • If the domain is available here. As a result, the specified IP addresses will be used.
  • Whereas if the domain is not available here than you the above mention specifies will be in action.

So I do hope, so you came to know the system or method of changing Default DNS Addresses after going through this article. The systems of changing Default DNS Addresses are not that hard, but else they are quite easy, going with the steps written within the article you can certainly change the Default DNS Addresses, so start going through the written steps or method.