Change 192 168 o 1 Wi-Fi Router Password – Forgot & Recover!

192.168 o 1 Change Router Password: Router is a connecting device that transmits data packets to the network. Router works as a connecting device where more than two networks connect. This article is to give full information regarding router security level and also the procedure to change  router password.

Hackers always remain in a scope to hack your router password to gets into the router control panel. If he get access to the admin control panel, then he will gain all authorization to modify your router settings. To increase your network security level, it is always recommended to change default username and password because hackers can easily find out the default username and password of the router.

192.168 o 1 Change Router Password

192.168 o 1

192.168 o 1

192.168 o 1 IP Address

This is the default IP address of many routers used by the small to large organization to get connect to the internet. All your system can connect internally using this IP Address. The range of this default IP address ranges from to, but in default many routers uses IP address as their default Internet protocol address. It is better to change the default   IP address within this range. To do any modification in your router settings you have first to log in as an admin. The administrator will get full authority to change the configuration of your router as per your requirements.

Now it’s time to give you full information about Login Procedure to change default settings of your router.

Login to 192.168 o 1

This article is to give you full information to change default username and password of the router. But before you dive to change the default username and password you have to know the login steps to get connect to the router control panel.

Steps to connect to the control panel or management console of the router.


First, disconnect your system or computer to the internet connection.


Connect your router with a LAN cable to your system. You can connect it using Wi-Fi too. But I am recommending you all to use LAN cable first to connect it.

Note: If you use LAN cable to connect your router then you need LAN driver installed in the system, and for Wi-Fi, you need a wireless driver.

Step 3:

Then enter the default IP address of the router in the address bar of any browser. You can find the default IP address in the body of the router.


Step 4:

If the router gets connected successfully with your system, then you will redirect to its control panel login page.

Step 5:

In Login page you have to submit all Login credentials. Means you have to insert your default username and password of the router. The default username and password remain same for the maximum router, but for some router, it may differ. The default username of the router is “admin,” and password is also “admin.” After you have successfully logged in with this password, then you will redirect to configuration console of the router.

Here you have to enter default username and password. Now I am sharing you the information to change the default username and password.router

Every router has a different control panel. So steps may vary from router to router. Here  I am sharing the basic steps and procedure to change your login password. There are two ways to change your password. One is to change your password with the help of old password, and other is in case you forgot your main login password. Change your password and give a  New Password: After successful login, you will be redirected to a home page of router control panel. Then you have to go to Password option to give a new login username and password.

How to 192.168 o 1 Change your Router Password


Now If you want to give a password to your wireless internet connection, then you have to go to Wireless settings and then to Wireless security. In this option, you will find a wireless password textbox. Enter your desired password to make the connection more secure.

Forget Admin password- How to change it?

If you have lost your admin login password, then there is no option to get it back. You have to reset the settings of the router. Means you have to move the router configuration back to its factory settings.

Every router has a reset button. You have to push that reset button to reset the router. Take a needle or a spike thing and press the reset button. You have to press it for 20 seconds. After that, your router will successfully move to its factory settings. Then same as above steps of login by using the default username and password you can give your new admin login password.

So, this is the basic steps to change your Router Password. If this article seems good and helpful, then please comment in the below comment box. Thanks.


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