How to Find out Router’s Default IP Address and Admin Password?

IP address is a type of address that directly linked with your Internet connection. Initially, every device has its default IP address. It is a numerical digit address for every device that connected to the internet. From the beginning when the internet was invented, IP address also invented.

In many cases, IP address is very important such to find a device or to track. If you have a router in your home or in office and you are struggling to find your router’s default password, I will help you to do it.

Find out Router’s Default IP Password?


What is Default IP of a router?

In generally, IP stands for Internet Protocol address. For every internet connected devices, its IP will be different. For an internet connection, if your device is not a valid IP address then you can’t connect with the internet. Infect, if you are using Wi-Fi router and you are connected with that router then you can find its default IP easy. Nowadays, on the internet, there are two different IP address available named as IP6 and IP4. IP6 is a recently used address on Internet. The main reason for that address is that compared to the IP4, IP6 has a vast range of accessing many devices on the internet.

How to find out Router’s Default IP password?


There are many ways available to find out your router password. But I will show you the shortest way. So, at first, you need to connect with that router. After that follow my below step.

  1. Open your router control panel with Username and password (opening address will be different for every different device).
  2. One more thing is that in maximum time the username and password are “admin” and “admin”.
  3. Then go to “Network Setting”. On that setting, you will find an option named as “WAN”.
  4. ON that WAN option you will see WAN connection type which is selected as “Static IP”.
  5. On that “Static IP” you will see the “IP address”, “Subnet Mask”, “Subnet Gateway” and with that, you will find two types DNS address.
  6. ON that option “IP Address” will be your finding result which is filled with a different numerical digit.

Always remember that IP address will be different for every different person. So, here are the steps for every router that you need to follow to find out your router default IP address.

Apart from these, another way is available to know about your default router password. You can do this by using your computer command secretion. If you know the exact coding then it will be easier to find compare to the previous process.

Here is all about the fulfill process to find out your router’s default password. In that article, I mention all the processes to find out the default password for a router step-by-step with open to close step. I think for an unknown person this article will be very helpful. If you have any problem to understand these steps for you, then please share your query by commenting on the below comment box.