Change Default DNS Addresses or Settings on Windows PC

Change Default DNS Addresses: DNS server is a system where every Computer registers for the purpose of joining the Domain Name System. This system is a benchmark technology working on administration of Public names including others Internet domains. This server name after DNS handles the networking software in a special manner, Features a public IP address recording the names of Network and addresses for different Internet hosts. DNS is actually a phone book of Internet, which maintain a scattered database regarding Addresses and Network names.

The Internet uses DNS for the worldwide names resolution service for the websites of public. When people go for typing the name of the sites by their browsers, DNS go through the IP addresses and database of the particular site for the connection of Web browsers and the web server. So are you among the person who wanted to change the Default DNS Addresses, if you are then you are in the right place, as throughout this article I will let you know how to change default DNS Addresses.

Change Default DNS Addresses on your Windows PC?


Well, are you looking to change your Default DNS Addresses by setting on your Windows PC? For this, you can specify which DNS servers has been used or which particular IP addresses can be used for a domain.

There are two methods to do this

  1. Specify the DNS
  2. Specify the Map IP Addresses

Specify the DNS

This system no.1 will let you know which particular DNS you should go for browsing all your internet connection. Maximum of the home users has set it for ‘’automatic’’ where the user’s ISP is providing the DNS, however, you can use any of the DNS as your desire if you like too you can even go for making your own DNS.


Before going with this system it is much required for you to know the IP addresses of Which DNS to use, if you are unknown to it, do ask to the system administrator or else ISP.

Here are the steps for it for Dial-up connection

  • First of all for setting your DNS to find the internet protocol window, as it is require
  • Now go to My Computer>Dialup Networking.
  • From there Right-Click your internet connection and go for selecting the properties.
  • At this point of time, a window will be open where you will need to click on the server types tab.
  • Click TCP/Setting
  • Now you will observe an internet protocol window, where you can select for using the DNS addresses, so just enter your appealing DNS server (S) in the space provided within it.

Here are the steps for all the different users

  • Firstly go the Control panel>Network connection and just select the local connection of yours.
  • Now just click on the properties and do select the internet protocol(TCP/IP)
  • Now just click on the properties.
  • At this point you will see an internet protocol window, from where you can go for selecting for using DNS addresses, So enter your desired DNS server (s) in the space provide for it.

Specify Map IP Addresses


This particular system will help you to create a setting for individual domains without requiring of altering the main DNS preferences of yours.

Here are its steps

  • Firstly you would need to open the file in Notepad or on any other plain text editor of your PC.
  • Now enter the IP where you can specify according to your wills.
  • When your browsers attempt to access a domain, it refers to this particular file first.
  • If the domain is available here. As a result, the specified IP addresses will be used.
  • Whereas if the domain is not available here than you the above mention specifies will be in action.

So I do hope, so you came to know the system or method of changing Default DNS Addresses after going through this article. The systems of changing Default DNS Addresses are not that hard, but else they are quite easy, going with the steps written within the article you can certainly change the Default DNS Addresses, so start going through the written steps or method.